Martin Gruen, born on the 13th of February 1990, starts to hear electronic music in the year of
2006, one year later he beganns to mix his favorite Music.
The first artists with many influence in his style was the old minus music like gaiser or heartthrob.
After one year he developed his own style in 2007 martin gruens music would be darker and harder,
he recorded his first sets by example the set with the best feedback (Martin Gruen Spezial presents
Spooky MInimal).
At the same time he beganns to produce her own music, he release his first EP the "BEAL EP" Felix
Lorusso and Ira&I release this track by the Label Cirque du Minimaliste" . He begins to release
more music on different Labes like "Der Hut" or "Machine Box". In the year of 2011 Martin Gruens
style would be more to Techno or especially Dark Techno he begins to play many gigs any weekend
and release more Podcasts. He plays many gigs in different clubs or Open Airs in Hamburg, for
example by Plastik or Reclaim it all. The importantly settings to make music is to stay underground
and make music for the people and not for commercial purposes.
This way he pursues till this day.
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