Viktoria Rebeka is expressing herself thru electronic music. Her production and dj sets reflect her
unique point of view and approach to sound. Often deep and groovy, but also dark and twisted, her
techno is decribed as raw, accompanied with sensual and fine atmosphere.
She is Slovenian nationality, born in Croatia and currently living in Berlin, where she is pushing
boundaries in order to develop new perspectives on electronic music.
The reason why she loves techno is, because it makes her fade away into another dimension of
reality, creating space for imagination and freedom.
Viktoria Rebeka has a residency at Tresor club and is hosting the night series called Dubplay". Her
guests are talented techno DJ/Liveacts like ESHU, Mutecell, Mary Velo and others to come.
Touring for almost a decade, she had the pleasure to visit 20 countries and performed numerous
sessions in: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain,
Belgium, Hungary, Kosovo, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia,
Mauritius, France & Colombia...
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