The Noisemaker
Riccardo Piovesan (aka The Noisemaker) was born in 1987 in Treviso, a small town near Venice. At the age of 11 he heard the 'Surrender' album by The Chemical Brothers and thus he made acquaintance with electronic music. Simple interest grew into something more serious when Riccardo turned 14 and started to assemble his own console.

Several appearances as a dj and organizer of Treviso underground parties followed. By the age of 19 as his musical taste was finally
formed and he realized how different and specific it was in comparison with the majority of productions he decided to shift to his live performances.

In the beginning of 2009 Riccardo became friends with the Argentinean Netlabel and released his first EP under 'The
Noisemaker' moniker on Littlebus. Currently The Noisemaker collaborates with artists and labels such as Pluseins Emote, Wood n Bass,
Genesa, Par, Suicide, M rec, Fach, Cirque du minimaliste, Machinebox, Frucht from around the world.
From 2009 he performed in: Spain (JamKlub), Russia (Arma17), Inferno Festival (Lithuania), Cake (UK), Rote Flora (Hamburg).

The futurstic style of The Noisemaker is based
on the resulting powerful and hypnotic basslines and post-industrial atmosphere, all accompanied by very deep percussion.

In 2010, feels the need to deepen his knowledge in the arts and decided to enroll in the course of New Technologies for the Arts Academy of Venice.
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